PIN Debit Cards are more secure and funds are never lost
Debit Cards help control and manage personal debt
NO monthly interest or cash advance charges, saving you $$
Complete online account reporting via your personal card portal
SolidTrust Pay Debit cards are used in over 160 countries
Compared to interest charges, debit card fees are significantly less

The SolidTrust Offshore VISA Debit Card is underwritten by the Global Bank of Commerce, Antigua, West Indies. The card is serviced by the Globe Wallet Debit Card company. Cards can be sent via regular mail for 2 - 3 week delivery, or FedEx for 1 week delivery. FedEx is recommended for Oriental and African countries due to high incidences of mail theft.

The SolidTrust Pay VISA Debit Card offers highly competitive fees making this debit card one of the best in the industry. Low monthly fee of only $4.95 is much less expensive than a regular credit card. Monthly interest charges alone on a regular card can amount to hundreds of dollars annually!

Purchase cost of the card is $30 (which includes regular shipping, card activation and personalization) OR $75 for FedEx shipping (includes card activation and personalization). Cash withdrawals at an ATM are $4.95 per withdrawal and you can withdraw up to $2500 daily.

NOTE - banks have varying ATM withdrawal limits. The maximum amount that you may load on to your card in any 30 day period is $9999.
Higher limits can be arranged.

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